Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Companies in Europe - 2019
Bosch Rexroth: Intelligent Factory of the Future

Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

Unprecedented levels of developments have occurred in artificial intelligence, big data, 3D imaging, and robotic process automation, in turn changing the way machine vision technology is deployed. The latest trends in image sensors, optics, and image processing are influencing machine vision like never before.  More industries are embracing robotics, vision, and motion to help them keep up with the demands in cost, quality, speed, and tremendous other factors, reaping the benefits of automation. Machine vision is finding its way into applications in and out of factory settings, riding the wave of progress in automation technology and growing into a global industry. The need for quality inspection and automation inside factories, along with the integration of AI into machine vision software to enable deep learning in robotics will be the main factors for the growth of machine vision.

Robotics has become a key indicator for the growth of the machine vision market due to its utilization in industrial automation by incorporating technologies such as sensors, infrared cameras, and optical components like lenses. For decision-making and implementation purposes, factories are connecting the production floor with information technology through IIOT, which depends on machine vision solutions for the collection of information and its analysis.

Due to their different functionality, machine vision solutions are making their presence felt in non-industrial applications such as driverless cars, autonomous farm equipment, drones, intelligent traffic systems, and AI-assisted surgeries. Their easy to use characteristics with further standardization are the driving factories to deploy them in different sectors of their facility.

Another area with great potential for growth is the combination of thermal imagery with machine vision solution. With thermal imaging integrated solutions, manufacturers will be able to spot technical issues which are not visible to the naked eye or standard camera systems. Machine vision technologies are steering much of the changes in manufacturing, specifically in highly regulated industries like food and beverages, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. By employing machine vision solutions, organizations are on the road to making production lines more efficient through effective use of resources and improving productivity.

Digital imaging and processing techniques, which include computational imaging combines computation, and optical encoding is being merged into machine vision applications for accuracy, productivity, and reliability in manufacturing. Polarising sensors are being adopted in solutions to provide flexibility in the polarization of light to enable new functions in previously impossible sensors.

As technological advancements revolutionize the machine vision landscape, it can be cumbersome for CIOs to choose a solution provider that best fits their requirements. The editorial team at Manufacturing Technology Insights along with a remarkable panel comprising of CIOs, CEOs, VCs, and analysts, have assembled a list of the best players in the industry based on their technical competence and efficiency.  Assessing the company’s core competencies, offerings, their passion for technologies, and their dedication to steer organizations to the next level, we have shortlisted solution providers who are prominent in the industry.

We present to you, Manufacturing Technology Insights’, “Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Providers in Europe-2019.”

Top Machine Vision Companies In Europe

As a global partner, Bosch Rexroth supports mechanical and plant engineering challenges around the world with its cutting-edge technology and unique industry knowledge. More than 32,300 employees worldwide work on safe, efficient, intelligent, and robust solutions. For example, they help in the economical production of small batch sizes or save energy while simultaneously raising productivity. With their cross-technology portfolio, digital services, and comprehensive service, the enterprise forms a partner for machines and plants

The company specializes in designing and developing high-tech solutions for robotics and industrial automation to enable its customers to reach the goal of high-profit industrial automation. The company strives to give industrial manufacturing companies flexible and effective software tools to solve difficulties related to small batch production, high-quality requirements and the automation of complex tasks. In close collaboration with robot manufacturers, machine builders and system integrators, Euclid creates the best applications for automatic programming.

Helmee Imaging automates the inspection of high gloss surfaces like chrome-plated, PVD coated, painted or polished plastics and metals. Helmee Imaging’s patented Covered Stereo Deflectometry (CSD®) technology enables operations in any field of business with high gloss surfaces. Helmee CSD® is an online sorting and quality inspection unit that gives automated quality control for glossy, mirror-like products of any shape. Typical examples of products where Helmee’s CSD® excels magnificently are automotive door handles-exterior and interior, decorative interior parts, key parts, functional hard chrome, rods, tubes, lists, B-pillars etc

Ivii GmbH develops an image processing system which enables optical data to be processed with zero errors. The company works for companies who make grand visions a reality, for people who take on responsibility in sensitive areas and who set high standards for quality and safety in the interest of their customers. The enterprise dedicates itself in image processing, quality control, data logistics, machine learning, software, industrial image processing, machine vision, smart imaging, smart data, smart factory, and information logistics

IVISYS develops and sells advanced machine vision inspection systems that provide solutions for quality inspection, verification, and machine guidance. The enterprise’s systems build on novel patented algorithms that are invariant to object rotation and to scale and robust against varying illumination conditions, thus expanding the range of applications for successful machine vision solutions and significantly enhancing the success rates and reliability of these compared to conventional systems. The specialization of IVISYS includes automated visual product verification in manufacturing, automated visual gauging in manufacturing, automated visual OCR verification, short-series quality control, and short-series quality inspection

Koh Young Technology (KY) predominantly caters to the miniaturization industry through its expertise in machine vision and SMT solution set. On a quest to become more cost-efficient yet deliver high-quality results, KY supports and uplifts organizations that are inclined toward infrastructures and solutions with an automated production workflow that incorporates 3D measurement technology. Ranked among the Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Providers in Europe Utilizing measurement data from production process quality, KY enhances the quality of manufacturing, rightly upholding the vision of its founder. The company’s portfolio of solutions diversifies across Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) technologies, building a strong foundation for its Automatic Pin Inspection (API) Press fit bit offering

PICVISA is focused on assisting its clients in realizing every opportunity for change, adapting to the contemporary panorama with its three main product lines. The first is an automatic optical sorting machine called ECOGLASS, which helps clients decontaminate glass from impurities. The process involves sorting glass by color, making it easier for experts to recycle them in furnaces. The second is a plastic recycling product named ECOPACK, powered by Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy, for sorting plastic according to color as well as categories including PET and polyethylene segments. ECOPICK, the third product is a robot designed to identify and classify objects using AI and Machine Vision

TIAMA is a global provider of real-time process and quality controls that offers real-time data and recommendations in order to help glassmakers improve productivity and pack-to-melt ratio, and delivery articles with the highest quality. With smart factory and manufacturing intelligence being the central concepts for the company, Tiama helps clients gather and value a great amount of data from the glass production process, which well collated and analyzed constitute a powerful source of knowledge. Tiama combines expertise in intelligence, hot-end monitoring, traceability, inspection, and customer support to prepare for the arrival of business intelligence, also called Industry 4.0

Allied Vision

Allied Vision

Allied Vision delivers camera solutions for industrial inspection, medical and scientific imaging, traffic monitoring, and many more applications, but we know that every project is unique and has its own technical challenges. For the past 30 years, Allied Vision has been helping organizations to reach their goals, focusing on what counts. The team at Allied Vision believes knowledge is power and always strives to deliver valuable insight with their technology and expertise. The enterprise offers machine vision, image processing, industrial inspection, imaging, FireWire cameras, camera link cameras, gigabit ethernet cameras, infrared cameras, traffic enforcement cameras, medical imaging, thermal imaging cameras, high-speed cameras, and embedded vision



Basler is a leading manufacturer of high-quality digital cameras and accessories for industry, medicine, traffic and a variety of other markets. The company’s product portfolio encompasses area scan and line scan cameras in compact housing dimensions, camera modules in board-level variants for embedded solutions, and 3D cameras. The catalog is rounded off by the user-friendly pylon SDK, and a broad spectrum of accessories, including a number developed especially for Basler and optimally harmonized for their cameras. The enterprise specializes in factory automation, medical imaging, microscopy, lab automation, industrial inspection, image processing, traffic enforcement, USB3, GigE, ITS, digital imaging, robotics, quality control