PICVISA: The Stepping Stones to Intelligent Recycling

PICVISA: The Stepping Stones to Intelligent Recycling

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Luis Seguí Pascual, Managing Director, PICVISALuis Seguí Pascual, Managing Director
Combine years of expertise in designing, developing and commercializing machine vision solutions, add a consistent two-year long track record of delivering high-end optical sorting products, and finally, top it with a formula for addressing recycling challenges while focusing on customer needs in an ever-changing industry. The result obtained is a perfectly responsive approach to assisting organizations to cope up with changes in the volatile recycling industry that forms the fundamental pillars of PICVISA. One of the leading names in the global optical solutions market, PICVISA leverages Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver solutions aligned with the changing industry regulations.

As observed by Luis Seguí Pascual, Managing Director, PICVISA, the recycling market is evolving rapidly, in tandem with the uncontrolled generation of waste. “PICVISA is focused on assisting its clients in realizing every opportunity for change, adapting to the contemporary panorama with its three main product lines,” explains Seguí. The first is an automatic optical sorting machine called ECOGLASS, which helps clients decontaminate glass from impurities. The process involves sorting glass by color, making it easier for experts to recycle them in furnaces. The second is a plastic recycling product named ECOPACK, powered by Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy, for sorting plastic according to color as well as categories including PET and polyethylene segments. ECOPICK, the third product is a robot designed to identify and classify objects using AI and Machine Vision.

Seguí’s team knows what it takes to stay relevant in the ever-changing market.

PICVISA is focused on assisting its clients in realizing every opportunity for change, adapting to the contemporary panorama with its three main product lines

Considering PICVISA’s humble beginnings of kick-starting its operations from a garage in 1996, the company has grown to stand tall as one of the leading names in the recycling industry, with a 95 percent of turnover in the business, thanks to the founders’ profound market knowledge and skill sets. Catering to a wide clientele comprising engineering and waste management companies, the company possesses two facilities with sorters in the US, one each in San Francisco, and Portland and two facilities in Brazil. PICVISA is currently working on a research-and-developmental project directed toward the creation of machine vision, AI and robotics based algorithms that would improve the waste identification and recycling process. Added to that, PICVISA has delivered on numerous global-standard projects and certifications, besides partnering with government entities such as the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of Spain and the National Innovation Company Empresa Nacional de Innovación, S.A. (ENISA).

PICVISA’s prompt after-sales service includes Fast link, which allows clients to perform a general analysis of their equipment. In addition, PICVISA configures the optical sorter for their clients. It also offers Direct Response, involving troubleshooting services for solving issues with the efficiency of the equipment as well as the software. Clients enjoy preventive and curative maintenance, receiving round-the-clock support, regular updates for their equipment, and ensuring that a machine is always capable of delivering quality results.

PICVISA recently assisted one of its clients in transporting glass waste from Majorca Island to the mainland of the country. With PICVISA’s efficient recycling solutions, the client was able to recycle 25 tons of curbside collection glass in a single processing interval, and instead of transporting waste, the firm recycled the glass and brought them to the mainland. “We aim to continue developing AI and Machine Vision-based sorting and recycling products, to maintain our stronghold in the market,” concludes Seguí.


PICVISA Unveils New Face of ECOPACK Equipment

The company has introduced several improvements in the equipment to make it more specific and a better tool.

FREMONT, CA: PICVISA is a company that provides industrial solutions based on image processing and machine vision to the national and international markets. Their high-resolution machine vision systems, together with well-defined illumination systems, provide reliable and efficient solutions with high-performance levels that overcome traditional equipment.
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