IVISYS: A New Approach to Machine Vision

IVISYS: A New Approach to Machine Vision

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Mikael Sjöholm, CEO, IVISYSMikael Sjöholm, CEO
The sole purpose of a machine is to reduce human effort; yet, the precision needed in manufacturing often fails to meet the desired industrial standards. Amidst the yellow mechanical arms and the soft hum of conveyor belts, there is a product waiting to be finished to perfection before being pushed into the marketplace. During these manufacturing processes, identifying flaws to attain the required precision of machine parts remains the age-old concern for production managers. Addressing such setbacks, Industrial Vision Systems (IVISYS) energizes manufacturing plants with the latest machine vision inspection systems by offering solutions for flaw detection and verification, as well as device measurement applications. Over time, the company has succeeded in perfecting machine vision solutions, owing to its capability of addressing client requirements while simultaneously honing customer awareness. IVISYS believes that organisations are the best judge of their own needs, and therefore, it standardises machines according to the feedback of long-term users, building sustainable alliances with its clientele in the process.

As opposed to traditional machine vision systems requiring stable object presentation and controlled lighting conditions, IVISYS has created a flexible product range that determines the placement of items on the conveyor belt and inspects it accordingly. The system’s ability to cut costs for the user by reducing labour charges, avoiding corrective action costs, and preventing the loss of goodwill has bolstered its popularity. These systems are built on patented algorithms indifferent to object rotation and scaling against different levels of illumination. “Over the past decade, we have come to the rescue of industries by assisting them in keeping workflows safe through appropriate quality analysis,” informs Mikael Sjöholm, CEO of IVISYS. The company efficiently caters to extensive demands on quality control in Sweden and across Europe by measuring the results of automation optimisation with higher speed and efficiency.

Years of dedicated R&D made way for the development of IVISYS’s newest platform, IVISYS Pro, which performs automated quality control in the manufacturing industry.

Over the past decade, we have helped industries in keeping workflows safe by ensuring quality analysiskeeping workflows safe by ensuring quality

The stand-alone vision system performs arduous quality control tasks in record time. Through the credibility of machine vision capabilities, IVISYS combines its platform with several advanced processing tools for commonplace machines as well as customized ones. The company has been instrumental in detecting cosmetic flaws that are practically invisible to the naked eye. By combining standard vision tools with AI, ML, and deep learning, IVISYS increases manufacturing productivity, thereby attaining better results in the process.

Among the beneficiaries of the IVISYS Pro platform and its efficient use of technologies to increase productivity was a major Swedish manufacturer of trucks, Scania, which sought assistance to check on its motor products. With varying requirements for individualized motor revamp, a one-size-fits-all solution would prove ineffective, thereby necessitating a tailor-made modular solution. The customisation of motors often caused errors in installation due to the similarity of components that were later combated with the installation of IVISYS Pro vision system. IVISYS also helped Scania mitigate the problem of multi-blocks losing lustre over the course of manufacturing. While reacting differently with different tools, these multi-blocks lacked uniform lustre, compromising on their cosmetic appeal. By collaborating with IVISYS, Scania ensured optimized installation procedures while retaining the lustre of multi-blocks.

The above case stands as one of the many success stories testifying IVISYS’ machine vision applications. As a younger company challenging the status quo of the traditional approach to vision-based quality control, IVISYS works toward improving the simplicity of automated vision inspection to make its usage more widespread across the manufacturing industry. The company offers robust and flexible systems that simplify tasks for the manufacturing industry and aims to produce devices with standardised IVISYS software for customers while also providing custom packages for users as and when required. With time, the company also plans to utilise deep learning more extensively in its standard tools and combine them with widely-used technologies to detect defects in manufactured objects.